A fangame based on Cheritz's wonderful mobile game, Mystic Messenger. After Jaehee's business proposal, the two of you have started running a cafe together, but it's time you made a proposal of your own...!

Marry Me, Jaehee! was created by fans for everyone who loved Jaehee Kang's route, but wished for a longer (and unambiguously romantic) ending. We hope you enjoy it! There are two "bad" endings, one normal ending, and one good ending.

All proceeds from this game will go toward LGBTQ+ organizations The Trevor Project and Lambda Legal. Or, if you enjoyed the game, please consider donating directly to a charity of your choice! Find suggestions here and here.


Sprite lineart by @JLMKart

Sprite colors by @chadolbaki7

Morning CG by @gelatobear

Coffee and Cafe Kiss CGs by @megaloshoon

Wedding CG by @CafeFluffii


TKALČIĆEVA STREET by stelios84 [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Restaurant07 by MIKI Yoshihito [CC BY 2.0], via Flickr

Korean restaurant by Lionel Allorge [GFDL, CC BY-SA 3.0 or FAL], via Wikimedia Commons


Serenity, Rose Petals, and Memories by Aaron Krogh

Writing and Programming

Made with TyranoBuilder by @JLMKart

Thanks for playing!


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Its not letting me put my name

same like how do yo

I got the normal ending first and just went, that's it????? Where's teh weddin?


I just played all the endings and the normal one is my favourite I love all the different art styles it adds that personal touch of all the people who love Jaehee 

wait Jaehee is a female??? I always thought Jaehee was a male...

TmT i don’t know if this was a me problem but the text wouldn’t go unless i pressed skip and then i would have to miss everything so i tried again and the text wouldn’t show and then i tried again and got stuck on the options because it wouldn’t let me off of it till i hit one of the buttons, I’m gonna try again though i am determined to marry Baehee

Progress is a zero it’s stuck on “Jaehee is always beautiful”

Deleted post

great game


is there a difference between a normal ending and a happy ending in this game


So cute!! Great game <3


Thank you so much for this! Finally, I can marry the love of my life...*cries*


love the game!!! It's so cute and well done!! But I was just wondering, how do I get the 2nd bad ending?? (I already had her propose to me) and I'm always choosing the bad options


Aw, thank you! I just tested it out and was able to get the bad ending by choosing all the bad answers. Most of the multiple choice sections have good, bad, and neutral answers, so make sure you're going for the worst ones! The conversation about your business is especially important.


Awh this was adorable, so happy to marry my waifu finally <3

It won't let me do anything after I type in my name. I'm on a mobile device, do I need to use a computer?

Oh, that's strange! You should be able to submit your name by clicking on the heart (sorry, pressing enter doesn't work for some reason.. I think it's easier to tell on a computer, but it should still run on mobile!)

It won't let me do anything after I type in my name. I'm on a mobile device, do I need to use a computer?


i aint even mad with the bad end lolol


I love it!! Finally my gay dreams with Jaehee can come true